Generate engineering plans with armoured bars used for structural reinforcements of architectural structures. Work with AutoCAD projects and integrate the custom layouts, automatically generate the required number of items and adjust the plans in real time. Obtenez gratuitement ArmaCAD 9. Pour l'installation du programme, vous trouverez le plus fréquemment le fichier d'installation sous le nom suivant : Config.

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ArmaCAD is flexible, user-friendly and intuitive to use. All commands are designed to have the most intuitive look as possible. Windows Mac. Développeur: OTP. Du développeur: ArmaCAD is the powerful rebar software used to design reinforcement drawings, with automatic bar schedule generation. Télécharger ArmaCAD.

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Valuing real estate is an extremely important skill for tax sale investors. It can also be a rather complicated skill to learn. In today's podcast episode we break it down into the major steps and discuss the proper way to look at it as a tax sale investor.

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With construction still progressing in most jurisdictions, the construction surety bonding market is starting to tighten due to the Coronavirus. Today we speak with Jonathan Bursevich of Alter Surety about what he is seeing and hearing from underwriters on their continued willingness to issue bonds. At least for now, the word is positive.

You can c…. The truth is that you will never know all the minor details that put that person where they are.

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With counties and cities shutting down under various orders from government officials, how do you keep your construction projects, men and materials moving? One way may be a hall pass. Today we have a summary update on how the Coronavirus is impacting construction.

In this episode, we cover what we are seeing on the ground with project and government offices, some tips to avoid delays in payment and securing your lien rights, some contract provisions to look out for, and some financial aid and loan programs you can access.

Check …. We all know you have 45 days to serve a Notice to Owner and 90 days to record your lien, but how has the Coronavirus changed these deadlines? Today I talk to Nick Fernandez of The Barthet Construction Law Firm about some of the side effects the Coronavirus is causing on timely securing your rights to be paid.

We discuss some best practices on ways ….

What are contractors in Miami seeing and feeling? From adapting in the field, to making difficult decisions for his company, to his backlog, to job shutdowns, we cover it all. You can learn more about Oscar and…. He also tells us about what he is seeing happening on the ground from the perspective of his clients and…. In this Friday episode we discuss how your beliefs will ultimately shape your results in all aspects of this business.

I also include a few issues that I found myself in that cost me lots of money, all because of …. Jorge tells us the up-to-the-minute information on how the new federal Family First Coronavirus Res…. Everyone starts out as a newbie. As any business owner will tell you, frustration will come with the territory. This is especially true of tax sale investors throughout all aspects of this business. But, if you learn how to harness that frustration and use it the right way, you will eventually build an incredibly strong and profitable tax sale investment business.

Oleh Camille Brachet. Since I started in this business in the early s, it has completely changed. The days of in person only auctions, trips to the county offices for research and the inability to invest remotely are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Two new investors who start at the same time and both have zero experience can experience completely different results - one could be incredibly successful and the other could fail miserably. Likewise, I've seen veteran investors who were mega successful become completely irrelevant in a matter of months.

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The difference boils down to strategy and a…. One of the top expenses of any contractor or subcontractor is the purchase of construction supplies and materials. Be it plumbing fixtures, roofing shingles, or rebar, managing how you buy materials can make or break your company.

In this episode, we talk to Jesse Weissburg or Billd on some simple techniques you can employ to save money the next ti….

But many investors fail when it comes to maximizing their marketing efforts, which is a necessity for increasing ROIs. This is true among both new investors and even the "old timers" stuck in their ways.

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Moving from where you are right now to where you want to go is too often oversimplified. There are many steps that must be taken to get you from here to there. All of those steps will culminate with you positioning yourself for the success that you desire in this business. Get the details in today's …. Having well-drafted construction contracts in place is a necessary first step for all parties involved in the construction process — from the owner to the design professional, the general contractor to the subcontractors and the suppliers on the job.

On this episode, Alex goes over the benefits of having a written agreement. Make sure to follow us ….

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So you've invested the time to learn about this business, you've researched the tax sale list and you're ready to choose your first property. In today's podcast episode we'll be discussing the ideal characteristics that you should be looking for in your first tax sale property. There are many different ways to determine if an investment will be or was successful. Far too often, however, investors tend to leave out one of the most important metrics: opportunity costs.

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In this Friday episode we'll go over what opportunity costs are and why they have such a huge impact on your business. How can you avoid bookkeeper theft and minimize your risk? Make sure to follow us on our dedicated construction site as well as our podcast, YouTube videos and social media including Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Alexander Barthet is a boa…. There are three different types of exit strategies for tax sale investors and each come with their own typical profit making potential or lack thereof.

The incredible thing about this business, when strategized properly, is that you can essentially start counting your profit before you even buy a property.

Believe it or not, these three simple words are the difference between success and failure in this business.

Your rights, especially your lien rights, when dealing with work in tenant space are very limited. Listen to your options. Alexander Barthet is a board certified construction attorney in Florid….

I'm a firm believer in taking responsibility for everything around your business. I even did a podcast episode titled "It's All Your Fault" which is Episode 51 and highly recommended.

But, you must also come to realize that there are many things you can't control. This is something many new investors tend to struggle with. Determining what you can ….

A lot of new investors want to get started but lack the capital required.