He launches his first album, The People's Album Volume 1, which will sell more than 80, copies. With this experience, he will later realize nine other albums of the people in Quebec plus the Pirate Album, essentially an album of the people without the name and without number, released between Volume 5 and 6. The one who continues to crack down on RDS with The Tite Chamber is yet more in the absurd, even though he has "an associate of slightly salacious aftershocks on leash edges". I will not hide the fact that I like it, even if I do not use it often.

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November 28, Twitter Facebook Youtube The people's circuit Here, you can tell us about the additional content of the Albums du peuple - Volume 7, Volume 8, Volume 9 and Volume 10 that you have bought and that contain a card Volume 7 or a digest of access Volumes 8, 9 and Terms of Use Technical Support Credits In , François opened an assault on the little screen in the role of man-orchestra and spiceman pouring the harmonious Rockambolesque issue, MusiquePlus.

I will not hide the fact that I like it, even if I do not use it often.

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Volume 10 To teleport the additional content of TOME 10, you must listen to the album and find the access digest saying password recorded by François. Terms of Use Technical Support Credits More mature, he has expanded the table of his skills over the last few years. And he is very open to other adventures.

The dignified bustle in the soul did not produce radio capsules this year - a first in 27 years. This forced break with a greater financial fragility of the tuner worried her, girl also allowed him to think about his projects. Whoever worked a lot of TV flood, among others with Perusse Cite, start to work on a concept shink the small screen - "if we can still call it like that today with leash screens 85 inches" - that he would like to present to the broadcasters Time come.

Bach, son festival et son remembrance Critique Le compositeur east fêté with deux semaines de concerts et un coffret CD hors normes. François Pérusse Ceux qui me connaissent bien le savent déjà, je voue un culte presque païen pour tout ce qu'il produit.

Les albums du peuple sont devenu un mentra avec les années et une très bonne façon de faire sortir le méchant! Nul besoin de mentionner que je possède tous les albums de peuple!

Mais j'ai pensé mettre à votre disposition une collection de documents qui ne figurent pas sur les albums et des liens vers les principales oeuvres de notre grand comique. Évidemment, vous comprendrez que je ne peux pas tout faire en même temps!

Il vous faudra donc exercer votre patience avant d'accéder à tous ces trésors!